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B Vitamins, Potassium and Iron Combine To Boost Energy and Strengthen Joints

Posted by on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Strength is extremely important. Whether it’s in our finances, our public relations strategy or just our own personality, we value strength as a people. But strength isn’t just mental or emotional; it’s also physical. Even if your body is weak, you can still have a strong personality and a strong mind. But often, the more physically powerful we feel, the more emotionally powerful we become.

Man lifting car

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If you look at me, you wouldn’t think I’m the strongest person in the world. I’m a little overweight, and pregnancy and childbirth has served to make me even softer looking. Because of my chronic pain from joint problems, I often move slowly. But I am fiercely independent, and I can do a lot more than my physical appearance would indicate. And though I am not by any stretch of the imagination ready to be a bikini-clad pinup girl, I do have a lot of strength.

Pallet of boxes of books

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For the last several years I managed a corporate bookstore. If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was an easy job. You’d probably think it was quiet, and involved a lot of alphabetizing. You might imagine that I would sit behind the register and read in my downtime. You would be wrong. Just like any retail environment, a bookstore requires a lot of physical labor to keep running. One book may not be that heavy, but a box of 25 or 30 of them is. Every week we got a truck delivered with three towering pallets filled with boxes and crates of books. I was often the one to start breaking those pallets down in search of bestsellers to fill our display tables and customer orders. Even with my physical limitations, I could grab a fifty-pound tote from three feet above my head and unload it to a cart filled with other totes to transport to the front of the store. It wasn’t easy, but it was my job. Even on non-delivery days there was a lot of physicality required on my job. On a weekly basis, tables needed to be moved around and reset. Ironically, I read less in my life when I ran a bookstore than I ever had before; by the time I got home at night, I was tired of books.

Woman playing lacrosse

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So how could I work so hard even though I’m not Iron Man or an Olympic athlete? That’s easy. I really loved what I did, even if it was grueling. I also had a secret weapon. I took a t.r.i.-iron supplement that built joint strength and combined B vitamins with potassium to give me an energy boost. I may look soft, but thanks to my vitamins, I have a core of strength that cannot be denied.

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